Amine Unit Survey

A comprehensive, third party Amine Unit Survey is crucial in terms of ensuring operational safety, reliability, performance, and protection of your Amine Unit. SRE’s testing services are designed to scrutinize your process in terms of establishing baseline performance, pinpointing opportunities for optimization, and identifying problems early in order to avoid costly unscheduled and emergency shutdowns.

In general, these systems serve to remove both CO2 and H2S from sour gas and/or LPG streams; however, no one Amine Unit truly operates the same. Here, challenges with respect to foaming, corrosion, and the formation-accumulation of heat stable salts are indeed unit-specific. As a result, it is imperative to completely understand the underlying factors associated with the operation of your Amine Unit and their, potentially negative, impact on performance.


  • On-site GC analysis of all process gas streams associated with your Amine Unit
  • Experienced in the testing of units charged with both generic and specialty amines; physical-chemical solvents
  • On-site determination of amine concentration/strength, rich amine loading, and foam potential
  • On-site determination of total salt content in the Regenerator’s reflux water
  • Off-site, comprehensive lean amine analysis- including quantitative evaluation of:
  1. Heat stable salts
  2. Amine degradation products
  3. Suspended solids
  4. Corrosion products
  5. Free metals
  • Amine Unit process simulation and comprehensive reporting, complete with heat & material balances