Sulfur Trivia And Information

Sulfur Facts

  • Pure sulfur has no smell. The strong smell associated with sulfur should actually be attributed to compounds of sulfur.
  • Brimstone is an ancient name for sulfur that means “burning stone”.
  • Molten sulfur is red.
  • Sulfur burns with a blue flame in a flame test.
  • Sulfur is the seventeenth most common element in the Earth’s crust.
  • Sulfur is the eighth most common element in the human body.
  • Sulfur is the sixth most common element in seawater.
  • Gunpowder contains sulfur, carbon and saltpeter.

The cleansing power of sulfur has been known for many centuries. At one time, ancient physicians burned sulfur in a house to cleanse it of impurities.

Sulfur is believed to have been a component of ‘Greek Fire,’ a weapon similar to a flamethrower used by the Byzantine Empire.

Creams made with sulfur were used to treat infections and diseases.

Sulfur is still used to treat certain medical problems. Sulfur is prepared in one of three forms. Precipitated sulfur (milk of sulfur) is made by boiling sulfur with lime. Sublimed sulfur (flowers of sulfur) is pure sulfur powder. And washed sulfur is sulfur treated with ammonia water. Washed sulfur is used to kill parasites (organisms that live on other organisms) such as fleas and ticks