Dynamics Modeling

Enhance Your Process Understanding, Evaluate Parameter Changes, And Improve Your Bottom Line With Dynamics Modeling!

  • Extension of ‘tuned’ steady-state modeling of the SRU
  • The Dynamics engine uses a high fidelity pressure-flow network solver
    • Provision to model hydraulics of the process
    • Enter equipment/unit dimensions
    • Can enable components such as heat loss, static head contribution, kinetic energy balance, etc.
  • Evaluate bottlenecks
  • Look at valve saturation
  • Evaluate potential problems in control strategy/tuning parameters
  • Can use various flowsheet tools to add extra fidelity to the model
    • Can be adapted/enhanced based on depth of provided field data
  • Can connect the model to real-world infrastructure with OPC connectivity
  • To inquire about Dynamics Modeling with VMGSim, click here.