On-Site Sulfur Recovery Unit Training

SRE is pleased to offer on-site Sulfur Recovery Seminars, specifically designed for your own Operators and Engineers. The primary focus of our training seminars is on the safe and proper operation of your SRU. Feedback that we have received from our clients suggests less focus on detailed engineering and design criteria, which is not of much value with respect to a previously designed and presently operating SRU. As a result, SRE’s Sulfur Recovery Seminars are designed to deliver what matters most to your team on the front line: SRU Safety, Operations, Optimization, and Troubleshooting.

The primary focus of any SRE- Sulfur Recovery Seminar is on the specific configuration and operating history of your SRU. Here, SRE will create and provide site-specific course material to meet all of your needs. Tailored to your facility, all Sulfur Recovery Seminars include round-table consulting in terms of any unit-specific issues or unique problems experienced at your facility.

A customized, on-site Sulfur Recovery Seminar will provide the following benefits to your organization:

  • Provide invaluable knowledge enabling employees to troubleshoot and solve unexpected plant issues.

  • Generate new ideas and creative ways with respect to solving old problems.

  • Re-energize and encourage employees to recommit to their jobs and company.

  • Directly impact the overall confidence, productivity, and development of the work environment.

  • Operating team will understand the underlying principles in terms of optimized SRU process

  • Operators will be better able to explain operational issues to Managers and Engineers.

  • Understanding typical maintenance concerns and required field checks to ensure long-term performance and reliability

On-site SRU Training easily pays for itself by avoiding damage to equipment, fines due to emissions violations, and production losses due to unscheduled downtime. Upon completion, SRE guarantees that all participants will leave with a solid understanding in terms of what matters most: SRU Safety, Operations, Optimization, and Troubleshooting.

In order to give you the most value from your training budget, pricing starts at only $2,000 per seminar – NOT per participant – the only limitation is the size of the venue. Contact us for a quote using the form below:

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