Simulation Training with Symmetry™

SRE is the only testing service company using Symmetry for reporting and plant optimization purposes, and presently the only provider with ‘in-house’ Dynamic Simulation capabilities by way of VMGSim Dynamics. SRE provides ‘tuned’ SRU and Amine Unit simulation models to each of clients. This tuned model is an extremely valuable tool as it serves many purposes. SRE also provides on-site training to plant operators, engineers, and site management in order to ensure that maximum potential is extracted from such models. SRE’s Simulation Training services are always tailored to your specific units and needs.

Training Benefits:

  • Ensure a strong understanding of key operating parameters that ensure day-to-day, optimized operations

  • Symmetry can be linked to your DCS to monitor performance and to quantify the implications of plant upsets

  • Ability to aid in plant troubleshooting and identify process pinch points

  • Generation of heat and material balances

  • Assess potential plant upgrades and/or retrofit plans

Our partners at Virtual Materials Group offer introductory, advanced and custom training courses on virtual process modelling throughout the year. They are attended by thousands of students and engineers from around the world. To reserve your spot for one of these training courses or for more information, click here.