Sulfur Recovery Unit Health Check

At Sulfur Recovery Engineering, our business has been built by assisting clients in recognizing the difference between short-term day-to-day operational issues and long-term plant management, and helping them achieve balance while working towards both at the same time. We can help you with:

  • Emissions minimization
  • Recovery maximization
  • Protection against catastrophic risk
  • Turnaround planning
  • Catalyst management
  • Shutdown and Start-up Assistance
  • Revamps

Think about your process in terms of what you can and can’t control.

You are able to control:

  • Operating parameters
  • Preventive maintenance
  • How long you allow your catalyst to work for you

You are not able to control:

  • Unexpected fluctuations in feed gas composition
  • Unexpected fluctuations in feed gas flow rates
  • Feed stoppages due to failure of upstream units
  • Interruptions due to power outages
  • Catalyst aging
  • Changing environmental regulations

SRE can help you to optimize your SRU for better performance and improved reliability. Plant upsets are just one part of a normal cycle, and we can help you to better prepare for them.

If you’re worried about whether you’re on track to meet any of your short or long term operating goals SRE can help you by conducting an SRU health check. This involves an on-site evaluation of the SRU and a review of your SOPs, PMO, and catalyst management strategy. SRE can answer your questions and make suggestions to help improve your operation.

Contact SRE today for a free SRU health check scope and cost proposal.